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Zantchito (EU)

Powering the EU Skills for jobs intervention.


Mawa Creative played a fundamental role in bringing the €55M EU-funded programme, "Zantchito-Skills for Jobs" to the online world. This programme has the impressive goal of transforming Malawi's job landscape by cultivating a culture of job-creators, breaking free from the traditional employment-seeking approach. Entrusted with this crucial task, we skillfully translated Zatchito's ethos into a world-class website, effectively bridging the digital gap for this much-needed intervention.

Tasked with the challenge of catering to a diverse group of stakeholders including GoM, the European Union, the British Council, UNDP, PROMAN and GOPA, our team adeptly integrated their inputs. The result was a harmonious blend of design and functionality, a testament to our ability to navigate intricate demands. Through innovative thinking and diligent execution, we rose to the challenge, delivering a remarkable digital platform that mirrors the ambitious vision of "Zantchito-Skills for Jobs".

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