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Deborah Chikwana


From a young age Deborah has always been curious about technology and creativity and where she fit in as a young Malawian woman. She believes that through co-founding Mawa Creative Agency, she found her path. Deborah has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities. She also has over 6 year’s experience working in banking and finance industry.


Steve Kamdonyo


Steve is a digital alchemist with over six years in the fields of ICT and media production. He leads the Mawa Creative Team of experts in delivering bespoke solutions to a wide range of clients in different fields. A self-confessed audiophile, he believes in the unique advantage that combining technology and creative media can provide to brands.

Arthur Muyepa 


Arthur is an experienced solution specialist with over 8 years’ experience in business development, marketing and communication planning and implementation. As a well experienced sales and marketing professional, Arthur is equipped with practical experience in building effective sales forces, marketing systems/orientation and developing superior distribution channels for Mawa Creative clients. He is an avid Arsenal fan, but do not hold it against him.

Donald Kamdonyo Mawa Creative.jpg

Donald Kamdonyo PhD


Dr. Kamdonyo is a highly skilled change management expert with years of experience driving successful organizational transformations. He excels at developing tailored strategies, conducting change impact assessments, and inspiring teams to embrace new ways of working.

He is a career meteorologist and the author of the Malawian best-selling book "Poverty By Choice"

William Chipula


William is a graphic designer with over 15 years in the field of graphic designing. He specializes in creating visual concepts that communicate ideas, inspire and captivate audiences. He is a total foodie with a keen eye for aesthetics.

Savannah Faere


Savannah is Mawa Creative’s digital marketing specialist. Holding a BSc Honours in Psychology with Business and Management, she is passionate about understanding the psychology behind effective marketing and branding. Having experience launching her own remote consultancy business, Savannah is skilled at developing a captivating online presence that expresses the personality of the brand. Savannah also loves to paint and bring ideas to life on the canvas.

Daniel Mekki


Daniel uses design to communicate complex ideas. He has a passion for photography and enjoys exploring new perspectives and experimenting with different techniques.

Timothy Chawinga


Timothy is a seasoned graphic designer with half a decade worth of experience. He studied Biomedical Science but decided to venture off to pursue growth in other skills. A lover of music, Timothy is known drop a few bars from time to time.

Meet The Team

Behind every great project is an energetic and dedicated team, overflowing with creativity, and
working collaboratively with creatives and ICT professionals around the world to ensure the best possible results.

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