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Wona Collective

Fostering the growth of women-led creativity in Malawi

Wona Collective-1.jpg

Mawa Creative was the visionary force behind the development of Wona Collective's website. Wona Collective, a trailblazing women-led arts collective, communications consultancy, and media production powerhouse based in Lilongwe, entrusted us with the task of bringing their digital presence to life.

Wona Collective sought an online platform that would not only showcase its diverse portfolio but also serve as a powerful advocate for women's voices in the arts and media. They required a website that seamlessly presented their extensive range of projects while ensuring user-friendliness and intuitive navigation. Mawa Creative stepped up to the challenge, creating a website that elegantly unites form and function, reinforcing Wona Collective's mission to amplify women's voices in the creative sphere.

This project was the premise upon which our ongoing partnership with Wona Collective was founded. We see the advantage in partnering with like-minded professionals locally to offer a more enriched list of services to our clientele. The first project under this partnership was the Safe Motherhood Africa website.

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