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Spa at Umodzi Park

Curating digital elegance: bringing an oasis of wellness to the online world

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The Spa at Umodzi is a wellness sanctuary, catering to both locals and international visitors. The Spa offers holistic treatments that nurture the harmony of mind, body and soul.

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Umodzi Spa wanted to step into the online world and introduce their relaxing oasis to new clientele. They desired a sophisticated web design, strategic social media management and a touch of influencer marketing, all focused on reaching an audience who would delight in their unique spa experience.

We crafted an elegant web design strategy that showcased the diverse range of spa treatments available, complemented by a user-friendly booking system for seamless appointment scheduling. Additionally, our skilful social media approach spoke directly to the spa's ideal clientele, luring them with exclusive monthly treatment offers.


Adding a personal touch, we also integrated influencer marketing to establish credibility and authentic connection with potential clients. We reached out to Mervis, a well-known traveller (left), and Rianah, a popular online personality (right). By intentionally selecting public figures whose image harmonized with the Spa's ethos, we were able to broaden their audience and attract clients who closely resembled the ideal customer profile.



The majority - 80% - of Umodzi Spa's bookings now come from visitors in Lilongwe who conveniently schedule treatments via their website. This success has propelled the Spa beyond the hotel's clientele, substantially expanding their reach and customer base. 

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