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Marketing strategy

How do you get a small-time author to reach her audience and sell books? How do you transform educational materials into songs? How do you give a boutique store an online presence? How do you increase sales? These are only some of the questions we strive to answer at Mawa Creative. We do this through a four-stage process.

Stage one: The Discovery meeting -This is when we meet you and understand your needs. More importantly, this is
when we understand the needs of your customers.

Stage Two: The Strategy - We work with you to create personas of your ideal customers. Based on many factors such
as age and location, we come up with the marketing strategy that they would most likely respond to.

Stage Three: The Launch- We engage the necessary professionals and the concept is launched

Stage Four: The Review- An in-depth review of the performance of the strategy is carried out to maximize on
successful aspects of the strategy.


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