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Safe Motherhood Africa

Building bridges to better maternal and neonatal health

safe moterhood website.jpg

Mawa Creative is honoured to have played a role in transforming Safe Motherhood's online presence. Safe Motherhood's mission is to improve maternal and neonatal health outcomes in low research settings, while simultaneously nurturing the next generation of maternal and neonatal health researchers.

Our journey with Safe Motherhood started with a shared commitment to harness the potential of the digital landscape. In an age of global connectivity, a well-designed website serves as a symbol of hope, providing valuable information, resources and tools to a global audience. Our duty was clear: to craft an online platform that would exhibit Safe Motherhood's vital work and simultaneously serve as a gateway to gain support for their mission.

Mawa Creative approached this project with an adept understanding of design and user-experience. Our team worked diligently to birth a website that captured the heart of Safe Motherhood and deeply resonated with their target audience, attracting support for their cause. The result was a platform that served as an informative hub for research findings, a portfolio for community projects and catalyst for change in maternal and neonatal health.

This project marked the beginning of a transformative partnership with Safe Motherhood, a collaboration rooted in our shared commitment to leveraging digital solutions for a higher purpose. As a creative agency, we saw the inspiring opportunity for our work to create tangible change. Our journey with Safe Motherhood is a reflection of our belief in the power of design, innovation and collaboration to create a lasting impact.

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