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5 Spot-on Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Marketing

For a firm in any industry, the marketing department is tasked with juggling multiple duties. From search engine optimization, to design, copywriting, social media management, and much more. Although marketing is a crucial job role, unlike sales, marketing is an expense and so often is the first department to face “personnel adjustments”. Which is my way of sugar-coating the fact that people get fired often. Too many marketers can potentially drain your profits, whereas too few can lead to an overworked team prone to making errors.

If you are always in need of outside opinions, fresh ideas, or simply clarification from an expert, it's probably time to outsource your marketing.

Potential marketing problems you may be experiencing are:

• “I do not know where to start”

• “I know what I want to do but I don't know how to do it”

• “I have some great ideas, but I don't have the time to follow them through”

• “I have an amazing idea, but I don't have the resources to do it”

Here are the 5 spot-on reasons you need to outsource your marketing (to us).

You benefit from a team of experts.

At Mawa Creative, our unique approach to projects involves collaborating with the most talented experts in each field depending on the project demands. This is done at no extra cost to you as we have worked hard to develop these networks. Therefore, Instead of paying individual salaries to employees in your team, you will be paying a team of experts who will research, create and implement marketing strategies that work.

You are guaranteed results

As marketing agencies, we are paid by the deliverables and this creates a genuine pressure to deliver results. All marketing agencies are replaceable (except us of course) so focusing on things like customer retention and relationships is always at the top of the list. When you find a good agency, you can almost always expect that they work harder than your in-house marketing team.

You get to focus on the core of your business

It is wise to keep digital marketing processes independent from the core of your business. This helps us as the agency to throw ideas around and develop better strategies that are not influenced by the company itself. The key here is trust and this is made easier for you when we provide you with reports and live status updates so you are aware of what exactly you are paying us for.

Focus your time to what you are good at

Save time and money

The marketing playing field is always changing and you need to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. This means that you continuously need to train your employees; sending them to training courses and events. This takes time and money. You can't prevent your employees from leaving after you've invested so much in their knowledge. Time is precious and money even more so. By outsourcing to a marketing agency you lower your expenses.

Fresh Ideas

An outsourced marketing firm approaches your industry with an open mind. While we may have been previously contracted by companies in an industry similar to yours, we are not indwelt in it like your team is currently. By asking a wide range of questions, digital marketers generate a broad, fresh perspective and innovative ideas. This outsider perspective creates marketing campaigns that do not fit typical industry molds, making you stand out in the crowd.

Contact Us today to have a chat about your digital marketing needs. We will not charge you for the chat.

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Arthur Ting Muyepa
Arthur Ting Muyepa
Feb 25, 2021

I couldn't agree more.

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