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European Union Delegation to Malawi

Multimedia Support to Communications and Visibility for the EU in Malawi.

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Mawa Creative Agency has played a pivotal role in amplifying the Communication and Visibility of the bilateral partnership between the European Union and Malawi. We have collaborated closely with a team of experts to craft impactful communication strategies. Our expertise shines through in conceptualizing dynamic communication campaigns and creating visually appealing content tailored for the EUD's Facebook and Twitter platforms. We actively engage with a diverse range of beneficiaries and stakeholders involved in EU-funded projects spanning sectors like AGRI, ECOPS, and SSI, conducting interviews and curating compelling social media content. Additionally, we have designed versatile promotional materials for digital and outdoor use, including banners, fliers, and leaflets. The heart of our mission is showcasing the successes and accomplishments achieved through this partnership.

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Maximizing Visibility of the Bilateral Relationship.

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