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Edge Water Court

Defining the brand, business, and booking system of upscale lodging.



Edge Water Court operates multiple upscale lodging facilities in different regions of Malawi. Their lodges are designed to make your visit a unique, comfortable, and fun experience.

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The post-pandemic strategy for Edge Water Court was to reintroduce themselves to their clients and gain more visibility to form new relationships with new clients. They needed to go digital, they needed to go BIG with a new realigned brand that showcased their values.

The first task was to rebrand by creating an overarching theme that carries through the logos of the multiple lodges they run.


We then used the new improved brand system combined with the professional photos we took of the establishments to create eye-catching content for social media

mawa creative Edge Water Court .jpg
mawa creative Edge Water Court .jpg
mawa creative Edge Water Court .jpg

Next up was a brand-new bespoke website, SEO optimized and integrated with a booking system.
We trained their staff on how to manage the bookings and continue to provide consultation. View the website here.



Edge Water Court now receive 70% of their bookings through their website. Not only has this increased their visibility online but it has streamline the booking process allowing the staff to focus on other tasks. 

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