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Giving voice
to your ideas 

Radio ads, voice-over, and soundtracks

With millions of listeners daily, the radio is one of the most powerful outlets to get your message out there. With many years of experience in the music industry, we are able to create exciting jingles and radio ads specifically tailored to represent your brand. We have professional sound equipment in our inhouse recording studio to ensure world-class results.


We produced a radio ad to promote Kentam Products painkiller Bufen

Buffen Ad

We mixed and recorded voice-over and folley for an EU-funded TV and radio program called "Kulondoloza".

VOA Radio Program

We produced a radio ad for Mphanje Private school.

Mphanje Ad_long

We worked with brand ambassadors to create an exciting jingle to announce the arrival of the new exciting beverage. 

Booster Cider Radio Ad

We produced the voice over for the Incubate Malawi explainer video.

Incubate Ad

We produced the voice over for the explainer video for Fount For Nations, a local NGO.

Fount For Nations

TV ad concept for Radio exchange, a Lilongwe based supplier of IT supplies.

Radio Exchange Ad
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